Ruizhi Yang

/ Responsible for Japanese history

Rui-zhi is from Chengdu, Sichuan Province in China. He moved to Japan when he was in an elementary school. After graduating from School of Letters, Faculty of Comparative Religion, he engaged in agriculture growing strawberries and tomato in Sichuan Province, China. He then returned to Japan and joined environmental consulting firm and became an independent consultant specialized in agricultural technology in 2017, followed by joining COTEN INC. in 2018 while working as the consultant.

Favorite Period
Age of the God, Ancient history

Favorite People in History
Jianzhen, Shoin Yoshida, Sugawara no Michizane, Yozan Uesugi

Favorite Movies
Ocean Heaven, Life Is Beautiful, 3 Idiots

Favorite Music
Hikaru Utada, KOKIA, Chihiro Onitsuka, Keyakizaka 46

Favorite Novels
Hyorin, Genocidal Organ, Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Favorite Anime
Ghost in the Shell, HELLSING, Princess Mononoke